A new Dawn


I’m Reza. I have been working in technical roles almost all my professional life. I started out my career as a running my own business Plumber and Gas Engineer, before moving into a technical support role for a for a water purification manufacturer. I was lucky to have a good relationship with my manager who helped me to develop and introduced me to a role I had never encountered or heard of before… Product Management.

I have started this blog as part of a master’s degree in marketing I am currently undertaking at the University of Exeter. Some of the content on it will therefore be based around the digital models I am undertaking as part of my course.

This blog will be about my journey into Product Management, the challenges I have encountered and the enjoyment I get out of knowing I am helping the organization I work for grow, but I also hope to get the opportunity to talk about some useful and not so useful tools I have come across.

I will use content of my own as well as drawing on thought leaders in the industry to help provide a useful platform for people like myself who are new into Product Management.

I look forward to sharing my experiences with you as I enter this new dawn of my career.

2 thoughts on “A new Dawn

  1. Dear Reza, interesting introduction. What does your job as product manager entail? I am a product manager too and I have the feeling, it can be all different sorts of jobs :). Curious to hear about it! You can read about my job on my blog too. Many regards, Lisanne


    1. Hi Lisanne,

      Thanks for the reaching out.

      My role is more product marketing than pure product management. But I am responsible for the whole product lifecycles of about 50 products in our companies portfolio ( I plan to cut this down drastically).

      At the moment I am having to do a lot of travel as we look to produce a next-gen version of one of my product ranges and inputting this into a house of quality (do you use the house of quality in your product development?)

      You are right though product management is varied from company to company.

      What does your role entail? What is the industry?

      All the best,


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